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  • Stinking Coats

    The weather is cooling down fast, and my son still doesn't realize he should be wearing a jacket when he leaves the house. :) So, what does a parent need to do to convince a 2 year old that wearing a coat will help prevent him from getting sick.....and freeze? I have bribed him with chocolate, but he just ate it. I have tried to lead by example by wearing my coat in front of him, however he would just look at me, and telepathically tell me that I am a silly dad. :) Also, I have given him various coat options to wear, but that too never works. Maybe I have a beach bum in the making. Perhaps a temporary solution is to layer a boat load of clothes on him.....5 shirts and 2 pants. :) Hopefully, this phase will end very soon, or he will be stuck in the house for the next 4 months. Have to love parenting. :)
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