Daddy's Pride

  • Old Box TV

    Our living room has a thin flat screen tv, and the little man wants to use it the way we use our smart phones and tablets. 
    He expects the tv to interact with him by touching it. I guess to him our tv is just a huge flat handheld digital device. :) So, when he sees anything that resembles a channel's logo that's placed at the bottom of the screen or moving numbers and words that go from right to left, he has the desire to touching it. However, when we go to the basement, and turn on the big old box television set, the little man knows that it is meant for only watching television. We don't need to remind him about the No Touching TV Rule. :) For some strange reason, he clearly knows that our basement tv simply lacks any type of technology advances that have happened over the past 10 years.  So, here he is...only watching TV on a rainy day.
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