Daddy's Pride

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    Our son has been sick for the past few days, so my wife suggested we should buy him a present. It will make him feel better. I don't know why I didn't think about it, but I guess that's what moms do...they actually think. :) So, the other day during lunch, I accidently came across a children's store, and decided to buy something. We still needed to get the little guy a present to cheer him up. I bought a bouncy ball that has drawings of the solar system on it was something different, and bought a book about trucks which was not different at all. He loves trucks! And before I left the store they wrapped the gifts. This was awesome because it would be like Christmas all over again for him, and I did not have to wrap anything. I gave him the presents, and it was a hit. He liked them. And guess who gets all the credit? Daddy gets all the credit. :) Now I need to figure out how to give credit to the mastermind.
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