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    I love reading books. I use to carry a book everywhere I go, and whenever I had couple of minutes to spare, I would just open up my book. However, over the past couple of years I stopped reading. I can easily say that reading books became a pastime thing I use to do. The reasons why I stopped reading is because I became a father. I was a little busy trying to raise a child. :) However, more importantly, I made a decision to not buy printed books because I wanted to start reading books on a tablet....that's the future...right? Well, reading on a tablet is simply not working for me at the moment. I'm not ready for it. Even when my son is fast asleep not trying to get my attention, I would just use the tablet to surf the internet. I can openly say, I lacked any type of focus while trying to read on a device. So, this year one of my many New Year's resolutions includes to start reading again on printed books. However, I am doing it for more than my personal pleasure. I want my son to know the importance of reading, and to one day enjoy it. Even though we read to him every night before bedtime, he does witness many people pulling out their cell phones whenever possible. Therefore, I think in this day and age as a parent I need emphasize reading a little bit more to compete with the likes of facebook, google, youtube, etc. And to teach him this I personally need to show him rather than one day lecturing him. My son needs to see his dad reading real books, rather than looking at a some technological device. If he sees me reading a book, he knows I'm only reading. However, if he sees me looking at my iphone, he really has no idea what I am doing. At the moment my son does not associate using a phone or tablet for reading, along with other stuff like checking email, internet research, paying bill, etc. He just thinks its meant for watching movies and playing educational games. This technology is great, but right now I want my son to learn how to be in the present and use his imagination. He should be trying to read, along with other creative/imaginative outlets like drawing, painting, building, etc. So, I want to pass down my love of reading to my son, and to do this I need to show him. And one way of doing this is to just put away the devices, and lug around 300 page book.
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