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  • Oreos

    My wife and I are beginning to do a few things that we did during our eating Oreo cookies. :) We have not touched Oreos in years, but we bought them the other day for our son. To us eating Oreos is somewhat of an American tradition while you are a kid. So, we figured the little man should have this experience too. Also, and more importantly, we really wanted to see how he ate his Oreo cookies. :) Would he be like his mom who enjoys taking the cookie apart, and turning one cookie into two cookies? Than dunking each half cookie quickly into a glass of milk? Or be like his dad who likes to drop the whole cookie into a glass of milk, and let it sit there for a few of seconds. Then scooping the cookie out when it is not too hard and not too soft....just right? Well, the little man had his own way of eating Oreos. He likes taking the cookie apart, and eating only the cream. He leaves the rest of the cookie for someone else to eat. :) There you have it. Our weekend goal was a success!

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