Daddy's Pride

  • No Shirt!

    The little man enjoys selecting his daily attire. :) Every morning he easily spots a shirt he likes whether it is in his closet, drawer, or still in the laundry basket. This is great because he is making his own decisions, and being somewhat creative. However, at the same time, he is making decisions on what he does not like to wear. And this is causing a slight problem. Trying to get him to wear a sweater, fleece, or something that provides an extra layer of warmth to protect him from the cold is becoming a battle every morning. I tried to bribe him, but we all know that's a temporary solution. So, my wife and I need to man up, show who's boss, and nip it in the bud :) We need to do this quickly because sooner than we know it he will be capable of taking off his shirts and pants all by himself, and then this will be a lost cause. Parenthood!...gotta love it.
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