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  • Broken Routine

    Last few days my son decided to break his daily routine of eating and sleeping at certain times, and this has had a snowball effect on our household. My wife and I are going to bed later and waking up later. As a result we are a little more tired. I personally have become more forgetful, and my days seem to be a little bit inefficient. :) Now, I don't mind change....I'm perfectly cool with it. I actually think change is a good thing, or at least we need to occasionally get out of our comfort zone, or even be somewhat spontaneous, and not so planned and organized. However, as a parent I really would like my child to be on a nice schedule. I'm sure his health will benefit from it, but it will make our days easier :) So, this morning I woke the guy up super early, and hopefully he will fall fast asleep around 9pm. I will try this again tomorrow, and on Sunday. Hopefully we will all be back on track by Monday. That's the weekend plan.


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