Daddy's Pride

  • National Ice Cream Day!

    This past Sunday, my wife and I pushed our son to the limit, and eventually he had a meltdown. You see, the little man probably should've had a nap after hitting the beach, and eating pizza. However, we ignored his so-called nap time because my wife and I wanted ice cream. :) I mean...when coffee ice cream with heath bar is calling your name you just have to get it....right?...oh yeah! :) Also, it was National Ice Cream Day!

    As we already know, the little man did have a meltdown which of course made it a little difficult to eat our dessert. We had to eat it fast while running around chasing an unhappy child. However, in retrospect, I would say it was still worth getting ice cream. We got our son to take part in an American pastime....eating ice cream outside on a beautiful summer day. And maybe the next time we try to do this again, the little man will be better even if he's tired.

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