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  • Rock and Roll

    I should be more careful in what I teach the little man because sooner or later I just may regret it. You see, a few months ago I taught him the word "Rock and Roll", and what "Rock and Roll" means. So every time we are in the car he asks for "Rock and Roll". At first I really didn't mind it, and honestly it was actually awesome. He remembered what I taught him. He was learning a particular genre of music. Also, I enjoy these types of songs. However, nowadays whenever I try to put on Hip-Hop, Pop, Country, Classical, actions get shot down by a toddler saying "I want Rock and Roll". So, what does a caring dad do? Simply fib, and bend the truth. :) I tell him "all songs are Rock and Roll" or at least..."this song may not sound like Rock and Roll, but it is...just a little different". :) Lesson learned...think before speaking and teaching.
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