Daddy's Pride

  • Hooray For School!

    Little man started school yesterday, and boy was he excited. I guess he was sick of us. :) Who can really blame him. He gets to go back hanging out with his friends, and being somewhat independent. So, as a curious dad, I wanted to know more about his day. Below is our very short conversation.

    Daddy: How was school buddy? Was it fun? Did you play with so and so? 

    Son: Daddy do you poop in your pants?

    Daddy: Nope. :) Anything else happen in school?

    Son: Nope. Let’s play planes.

    Daddy: Okay. 

    Son: Crash planes.

    Daddy: Okay.

    I hope all you parents can relate to this. If not, then please don’t tell me. I would then have to worry. :)

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