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    Now that the little man is a chatterbox, and can basically respond to questions, my wife and I have come across a new problem. How do you get your child to listen to you when they come back with responses that make you chuckle? :) Here are a few conversations with a soon-to-be 3 year old.


    Between daddy and son

    Daddy: Could you please take your feet off the table while we eat.

    Son (while leaning back in the chair and smiling): No daddy, I'm relaxing.

    Daddy: Of course you are...makes sense. What was I thinking. :)


    Between mummy and son

    Mummy: Can you please walk down the stairs properly.

    Son (while sliding down the steps and jumping): No mummy.

    Mummy: You shouldn't do that. You might get a boo-boo.

    Son (singing while arms out): Let it go, let it go...(lyrics from Frozen)

    Mummy: I need to let go...huh? :)


    Between daddy and son

    Daddy: Lets put on your jacket. It will keep you warm.

    Son: I don't need a jacket. I have you.

    Daddy: You want me to just hug you all day! :)

    Son: Yeah!


    Unexpected responses that make you laugh, smile, and melt.


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