Daddy's Pride

  • Waking Up

    The past few mornings I found myself wanting to sleep longer. I guess it has something to do with the days becoming shorter, the nights becoming longer, and the weather being cooler. So, when I go to wake up the little man I can tell he's on the same page as I am. He does not want to get out of bed....he just wants to stay under the covers. And honestly, I don't want to wake him up. He sleeps peacefully, and looks cozy. I feel that he should just sleep until he wakes himself up. However, either my wife or I has to do the dirty work, and wake him up so he can get to school on time. Someone must wake up sleeping beauty, or in this case...the sleeping dragon :) I guess this is part of parenthood. Do things you really don't want to do even if it is something so minor like waking up a child from an awesome dream.
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