Daddy's Pride

  • Bouncy House

    This past weekend we were planning to hit the beach or go to the museum. We figured if the weather was nice we will take full advantage it, and be outdoors. And if the weather was a little cold, we will introduce our son to an art museum. Well, of course neither happened. :) Our son had plans of his own. He wanted to go to a place that has huge bouncy houses so he can test his vertical. He wanted go through inflatable obstacle courses that challenges his military-spartan-ninja skills. Last, he wanted to go down a slide that allows him to break the sound barrier. So, we took him, and honestly we "all" had a great time. It was awesome seeing our son go completely nuts with all the other children. They were running, jumping, falling, sliding, rolling, and tumbling. And most importantly they were all smiling and laughing.......except for those children that got kicked in the face, pushed back down a ladder, or trampled on. :) So, we will probably do this again, and maybe my wife and I will be less overprotective, and perhaps be as cool as the other parents who felt confident enough to not watch their child every minute. :)
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