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  • Morning Music

    I love being a parent, and one of the many reasons includes reflecting on your own personal childhood. You begin to think about stuff that you have completely forgotten, and I am talking about the good things…the things that somehow transformed you in a positive way or at least made you smile and happy. You see, when I was growing up as a kid I loved listening to music while taking a shower. Listening to music first thing in the morning always started my day on a good note. Whether I was listening to Michael Jackson, Rock and Roll, or basically 80’s songs, it always put me in a good mood. Now…unfortunately, I stopped doing this, and I don’t know why? However, it’s never too late to start this morning tradition again. And I am not doing it for myself…honestly…I am doing it for my son. I am sure it sounds crazy…why does a toddler need music while taking a shower? :) Well, he already shows interest in music. Whenever we get in the car, he asks for songs. When we are in the bedroom, he wants to turn on the iPod/radio, and dance. So, maybe he too will benefit from listening to music first thing in the mood. It doesn’t hurt to try..right? And maybe we will be the ones that start off dancing every morning, and being all happy and cheery. That would be awesome. :) Oh, and on an educational note, he may pick up more words, and increase his vocabulary. Let’s see how this goes. Wish us luck!
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