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  • Father Interrupted

    I have to admit, when I watch television shows (not reality tv, mtv, etc…), I do not like to be disturbed. I am in the zone, and completely focused on my program. So, the big question is…what will my behavior be like when the baby is in the living room making noise while I try to watch TV? I know I can DVR my shows, and watch them later, but my focus is on my initial reaction when getting side tracked. I guess I have three potential reactions. First, to simply get annoyed, and hope he will be quiet. Second, learn how to ignore him, and pretend that I am in the room alone. Last, is to be positive, and of course give him some attention. Now, I know the last option is the best route to take, but there is a difference between knowing and taking action. So, how do I stay positive when being interrupted while enjoying my favorite show?

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