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  • Going Out Prediction

    We have about two months left until the little guy comes. So, does this means that we need to go out as much as we can now?

    The other night my wife and I went out to dinner with some friends. We had a great time, and I strongly feel that our night out will not change much once our baby joins us. However, only time will tell. And all the parents I know say things change. But our lives have transitioned from the wild 20s to the stable 30s. We tend to value our sleep and turn in early.

    I do not foresee our adult dinner discussions changing from sports, gossip, travel, and movies. Although, the baby may become one of the topics of discussion, it seems like he already has entered into most of our conversations. Now, we will just include him in the conversation. My personal messiness will be slightly magnified with the new addition’s spillage. A few extra napkins is all we need to cover the damages. Our outings will end a little earlier from 10 pm to 8 or 9pm. We can always use some extra sleep.

    I am sure that our dinner outings will become more entertaining with the new addition, as it will be a whole new experience. However, I realize this is a viewpoint of an optimistic and slightly naive “father-to-be”.

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