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  • Long Distance Relationships

    Big question: How do you keep your kid in touch with people that are spread throughout the country and the world?

    It is easy for children to be attached to people that they see everyday. However, how do you foster a relationship between the child and people that you consider important who do not live close by. We hope our child will be close to friends and family that we consider important, but do not see often. So, how do I plan on accomplishing this? Well, I hope technology will be a big asset in achieving this goal. Hopefully, with skype, facetime, google video, fringe, etc….our son will learn to recognize important faces and keep connections to our friends and family who are further away. I will encourage my son to speak to friends and family from a young age on the phone and over the computer. Maybe, I simply need to share stories with our son about people that are important to my wife, and myself so he understands why these people are a valuable part of our lives.

    For me, distance has never meant “out of sight, out of mind”. I always believed in maintaining relationships wherever I am. However, I also know that distance can show you the true nature of a relationship. Was the relationship based on convenience or on something substantial? Being spread out gives you perspective and appreciation for the time you get to spend with loved ones. The quality of time can mean just as much as the quantity of time. I hope I can impart these values to our son.

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