Daddy's Pride

  • Featured Guest: Baby Showers

    Since my readers enjoyed my wife’s last guest appearance on the blog, I invited her to speak about what’s on her mind.


    So why are baby showers focused on the mother? It took 2 people to create this miracle of a baby. Shouldn’t society celebrate and congratulate both the mother and father? We all know the mother did not conceive via immaculate conception. Our culture tends to focus on the mother during the pregnancy, but then wonder why many fathers are not as involved when the baby comes with changing diapers and helping with feedings. I consider my husband an equal partner in this new adventure we are taking together, and I feel he should be appreciated too during this pregnancy. If you have been reading his blog, you can see he is obviously as excited if not more excited than me for our son to arrive. So why not celebrate both parents?

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