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    I was talking to my neighbor about tangible books vs e-readers. He mentioned to me that his granddaughter prefers tangible books over e-readers. This made sense to me. As most of you know I enjoy holding a book and turning the pages. We continued our conversation, and I learned that he was encouraging his granddaughter to switch over to e-readers. He says that once she gets to high school and college she will have to learn how to study from an electronic device. Learn how to take notes from the machine, highlight and bookmark information, and simply get used to the screen. He wants her to learn now than later. I found this interesting, and it kind of scares me. Do I need to get accustom to e-readers or some type of learning tablet so I can teach my child? I know that technology has moved fast over the past ten years, and I am sure this pace will continue for the next ten years. So, have any of you noticed the learning process transition from pencil and paper to tablets?

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