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    My six year old niece really likes to eat fish. All different types from salmon to tilapia. I was surprised because I do not know many young children who like fish. Kids probably don’t like the way fish look or they think it is smelly. I can understand their reaction because I too was not a big fish eater. So this got me thinking about why she loves eating fish, and why it took me years to finally enjoy grilled, baked, and fried fish.

    The fish that I was given at a young age was spicy right from the beginning. I probably would have enjoyed eating fish with butter, salt, and pepper. My family loves eating pan fried pomfret which has bones. As a little kid I did not want to eat this dish. I would always hurt myself by swallowing a piece of the sharp skeleton, regardless if mom did her best to remove the bones. On top of that, frying fish has a smell. Therefore, I would just fill my belly with other options such as chicken.

    As an adult, I have grown to love eating fish, especially after living in Croatia. I want to do my best to make sure my future son enjoys this type of meat. However, I think it requires a little strategy. I will make sure he can eat it and it won’t make him upset. Next, I will give him a nice pretty looking fish. Not a fish that is too exotic and that only adults will enjoy. Finally, I will give him variety, and let him try a wide range of fish. Hopefully, he will have his favorite dish. Let’s see how this goes. Do any of you have suggestions on how to make a child eat fish?

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