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  • Nesting

    Nowadays when people ask me how we are doing, my response to them is “we are doing great, we are nesting”. I use this word ”nesting” because I find it amusing. We are like birds ready to lay an egg and making sure our nest is prepared for the hatchling. I am hoping that once he arrives he will have all the necessities in his room. We have covered the major areas such as the wall color, crib, and storage. We are now working on the details such as decoration, linen, and extra lighting. I know that this nesting process can take place anytime before or after the pregnancy, however I am happy we are doing it now. When he arrives I rather spend my time with him than fixing up his room, and I do not want to shop during the colder months. I guess my advice to all future dads is to take the time to prepare your child’s room. You will have time to enjoy the process of creating a nest and being with your new addition.

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