Daddy's Pride

  • Can He Really Hear Me?

    We have been playing music for the little guy for a few weeks now. Hopefully, classical music from Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin helps him fall asleep and will roll over to once he his born. Since the baby can hear music, and other various noises from the coffee beans being blended to cars honking, I figure he can hear people’s voices. I am sure he knows his mommy’s voice by now because they are together all the time. So, as a future daddy, I want the baby to know my voice. He needs to know that I am his father. In order to make this happen, I have been talking to him every night before I play his favorite music jams. I say hi and introduce myself. I ask him if he is awake, and usually there is no response. I figure he is sleeping after he had dinner or he is just ignoring me. Since he cannot respond vocally, I simply continue to talk to him about our day, what we did, where we went, and why we did things. I blabber for a few more minutes, and then he starts kicking!!! I either disturbed his sleep or he is excited to hear my voice. Regardless, I think he knows I am around and that makes me very happy. So, what do you think? Can he really hear me?

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