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    Friday nights are now meant for discussing nursery furniture. What will our baby like to sleep in? He can sleep in a bassinet, co-sleeper, pack n’ play, or a crib. We (really just my wife) have been thinking about this for the past few weeks.

    Luckily, we easily came to the conclusion that he will enjoy sleeping in a co-sleeper and then transitioning into a crib. After that it was time to get down and dirty. We spent hours researching cribs. We talked about this while making dinner, eating dinner, after dinner, and in bed. I even dreamed about cribs!

    There are so many cribs to choose from. To start this process we first had to narrow down the type of crib we wanted from all the various cribs that are out there in the world. Will he need a standard crib or a convertible crib that can be used as he grows from an infant to a kid? The color of the crib was a hot topic: cherry, coffee, espresso, oak, white, or black. Will the crib fit in his bedroom? Some of these cribs are as large as a small car. We talked about the pros and cons of each crib such as the benefit of having a drawer under the crib (a recommendation from my wife’s sister) and the safety issues. My father-in-law seems to be concerned about the space between the rails of the crib. He does not want his grandson to get his head stuck in between the poles. I assured him that my son’s head will not be as small as a tennis ball.

    Selecting a crib is no easy task! After all this research and discussion, we still have not come to a decision. At least we have 119 days before the little guy arrives to make a purchase.

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