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    Last night my wife and I attended our first baby class called “The Pregnant Body”. The class lasted two hours. It was a very informative class, and I simply would like to share a few tidbits with future dads.

    1. When your pregnant wife sleeps, she will know longer be able to sleep on her back. The enlarging baby can compress the major vein and cause lower extremity swelling. She will need a huge body pillow that wraps around her or about four pillows; one for the back of the head, under one hip, under one arm, and between the legs. This should enable her to sleep comfortably, and prevent her from inadvertently rolling on her back overnight. You might not fit on the same bed as her.

    2. Do not say anything when your wife does not deflate after having a baby. The uterus will take a while to contract back to its normal size. So it is best, to zip your lips when you notice she still looks pregnant after the delivery.

    3. As the baby grows, it crushes everything inside the mommy’s body from the intestines to the bladder. Causing her to go to the bathroom frequently. So have patience every time she is looking for a bathroom.

    I hope these tips help all you future dads. It will keep you out of the dog house. On another note, most classes will have a sympathetic belly to try on. Have fun strapping on a 35 pound belly, and see how it feels to be your wife for a few seconds. It may help you understand why your wife waddles.

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