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    This past weekend my wife and I were window shopping for fun…well, it was subconsciously for the baby. We came across this quaint little kids store called G.Willikers! in Portsmouth, NH. It has all the toys that boys and girls would enjoy from puzzles to dolls. I fooled around with some of the merchandise, but then went straight to the children’s book section. I love this section because I enjoy reading, and I hope my kid does too. I strongly believe that books provide knowledge and inspiration. There are so many classic and new stories that kids and adults will enjoy. For those that don’t know me, I used to work in the publishing industry as a designer. So seeing all the different types of book covers, drawings, and illustrations at the store was a wonderful sight for me. I enjoyed holding the tangible products and flipping through the pages, especially the interactive ones: pop-up books, coloring books, puppet books, and books that have different type of textures. Lot of fun!

    While appreciating the book section, I wondered whether children’s books would co-exist with technology in the future. Most of us have transitioned from hard copy to soft copy. We are accustomed to reading anything on the internet such as email, forums, and literature. This behavior will continue to grow as time passes on, however when it comes to young children, I see parents still buying books for them. I think parents will still want their children to hold a book and flip the pages rather than doing a finger swipe on an ipad. Perhaps I am wrong, and technology will take over. I hope not. I just cannot see myself reading a children’s story from an e-reader.

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