Daddy's Pride

  • Out for Dinner Part 2

    Both my wife and I ordered steak, but different cuts. She ordered the filet and I got my ribeye. Whenever I eat this wonderful hearty meal, I tend to order it cooked medium rare. That’s the way I like it. Since we will be adding an additional member to our family, I started pondering how will the kid share my steak? It is probably not healthy for a child to consume raw meat. So what do we do? Order him a whole steak for himself and make sure it is well done? I found this idea to be too expensive, and as a steak lover, ordering him a well done steak is ruining the precious cut. Perhaps we should just give up steak? I thought about this for a little while, and luckily my wife came to the rescue. She is willing to order a medium-well done steak so that she can share it with the little one. I guess that’s a mothers love.

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