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    As many of you know, before my son was born I started to imagine what my life would be like with him being around. One of my thoughts included being homebound for the first couple of months and taking care of the newborn. This meant our Friday and Saturday nights would be spent in our house, rather than going out to dinner or hanging out with some friends at a pub of some sort. With this idea in mind, I figured we can take advantage of being at home by watching television shows and movies. Well, so far this outlook has been way too optimistic. The other day we decided to watch a 1 hour show, but it took us 2.5 hours to finish it! Our son seems to know exactly when we are the watching the box and not him. I guess we will have to figure out new strategies to watch our programs. However, we just might have to wait until he is older and watch reruns of our favorite shows.

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