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  • The Art of Burping

    I am slowly learning the art of burping. Now, I am not talking about myself burping. I am talking about my experience in burping my child. It has taken about three weeks to better understand how to get the gas out of my child…from his mouth of course! First, I finally figured out how to position him on my chest and over my shoulder. He used to just lay on my chest, but that simply did not work. I guess it is because I am flat chested. This made it difficult for me to hold him. So, I now place him over my shoulder. This allows him to be more stable, and I can use one hand to hold his head, and the other hand to pat his back.

    Now that I am well versed in the art of burping, I have learned other discomforts he faces which prevents him from being a happy camper. I realized that wearing a chain simply gets in his way. He sometimes get his hand caught in it, or his face lays on it. I have stopped wearing those shirts that have embellishments on the shoulders. I am talking about those armyesque straps with buttons that are there for only aesthetic purposes and not for any type of function. His head tends to lay directly on the buttons. Another change that I learned to make is to be more clean-shaven. He is not the biggest fan of my sexy stubble. I guess it scratches his face.

    So, to all my future dads, getting the hang of burping your child takes some time. I clearly do not understand how mommies become experts in one day, but perhaps it is simply a mother’s intuition.

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