Daddy's Pride

  • Top 10 Adjustments To Parenthood

    Top 10 adjustments I am trying to make as a new parent:

    10. Drinking more coffee.

    9. Avoiding the temptation of late night eating when the baby is up having his food.

    8. Buying stuff in bulk.

    7. Doing baby laundry every other day.

    6. Eating when baby is a sleep, rather than when I choose to eat.

    5. Being more assertive when it comes to having your child’s best interest in mind. Such as insisting people to wash their hands before they pick him up.

    4. Planning and preparing baby stuff when leaving the house compared to just throwing on a coat, and making sure you have your keys, wallet, and phone.

    3. Putting the baby before personal hobbies and interests.

    2. Balancing exercise with new schedule.

    1. Functioning on a few hours of sleep.

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