Daddy's Pride

  • Whose Face Is That?

    Everyday I look at our son’s face, and I try to figure out who he looks like. Does he look like me or his mommy? He has some obvious features that come from either of us like his mommy’s hair and jaw line, and my nose and chin. However, he seems to change from moment to moment. When he wakes up he looks like me, but after he eats he looks like his mommy. When we have visitors, or when we skype with family and friends we get mixed opinions on his looks. It makes me wonder who he will look like when he gets older. In addition to his features, he makes many expressions. He furrows his eyebrows like his mommy, and raises his eyebrows like me. This little guy has so many different faces that he keeps my wife and I mesmerized for hours just looking at him.

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