Daddy's Pride

  • Speed Demon

    I was never one for speeding, however I have never been what you would call a slow or “granny” driver. Now that I have the little guy in the back seat, you will find me being more cautious, and in the slow lane which is only natural.

    The day I took my son home from the hospital I was extra careful, meaning the roads had to be completely clear for me to drive on them. One would probably think I was a nervous old man who’s reaction time was dwindling. At the intersection I let everyone go ahead of me first regardless of the traffic that I was building behind me. You can never be too careful.

    Since he was born we have had a few outings. Every time I get behind the wheel I have a sudden desire to go to Babies “R” Us, and purchase those bumper stickers that I made fun of prior to my son’s existence. I am talking about those “baby on board” stickers. I might just have to put that decal on the back of my first love (car).

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