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  • Putting It Together

    The baby can come anytime within the next few weeks. This means I have to start assembling all the baby stuff. Might as well get it done now, rather than later, because who knows when he will pop out. As you can tell from the picture above, my Friday night was spent building his stroller. As I approached this small project I told myself to enjoy it, and not look at is as a chore. I put on some music, and started working. It did not take long, about 30 minutes. The end result is that I created positive energy, and I now have a stroller that my child can travel, sit, and sleep in. So, I took this same formula, and started working on the pack n’ play. This was a 2 hour challenge!

    But then my wife decided she wanted to assemble something. She happily opened up the travel crib package and swiftly built it while I was not looking. However, she then realized that she would need to pack it up because we were not going to use it at home. I heard her struggling to take it apart, and her lack of patience was apparent. She pleaded me to help her deconstruct the travel crib, as she lost all energy and interest in the project. Disassembling it was much more difficult than putting it together. She definitely tested my patience, but how can I be mad with my pregnant wife who has been carrying our son for 37 weeks! I simply smiled at her, and told her to leave the rest of the stuff to me.

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