Daddy's Pride

  • Getting Ready

    Here is a recap of my conversation with the wife.

    Daddy to be: “We need to put the chairs in the car.”

    Mommy to be: “What chairs?”

    Daddy to be: “The chairs!…the baby chairs!”

    Mommy to be: “What baby chairs?”

    Daddy to be: “You know…the chairs we got.”

    Mommy to be: “I have no idea what you are talking about?”

    Daddy to be: “I am trying to make sure our baby has a chair in our car.”

    Mommy to be: “You mean the car seat?”

    Daddy to be: “Yeah…that’s it….that’s the baby chair.”

    As you can tell, daddy has no idea what he is doing……yet. There is a good chance that my son will be correcting my description of his stuff.

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