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    I have been reading a popular book called Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. It’s very interesting, and I want to share with all of you what I have read. In one of the chapters, the author makes a point about how kids need to learn to ask questions to be assertive, and learn that they have a right to speak. He gave an example of a mother and child going to the doctor’s office. While they were driving to the doctor’s office, the mother asked her son to think about what questions to ask his doctor. She wanted to make sure that when her son visits his physician all his concerns will be addressed. At the end of the boy’s examination, the doctor asked him if he had any questions. Well, the boy did have questions. Because of the parent’s influence, the child was able to learn that he has a right to speak, and there is no reason to be afraid. If it were not for the parent, the child would simply have an examination, and not address any of his issues and concerns. The mother was teaching the child that it is okay to have a voice, and interact with authoritative/professional figures. I hope to encourage my son to ask questions.

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