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  • Perfect Attendance

    Last night my wife and I went to our fourth baby class. In the beginning of each class the teacher asks the group a few questions to see if we remember all the stuff that she has previously taught. Unfortunately, every time she does this I draw a complete blank or cannot answer the questions confidently. So I wonder, am I really learning anything? Honestly, every time a session ends I feel like I learned nothing. I even asked a friend his recollection of the time he went to these classes. He said “it’s a waste of time, and I don’t remember anything”. I really have no idea how to respond to these pregnancy classes. It is one of those things where you go and attend class so that you do not feel guilty. So, is it worth spending 10+ hours of my time to learn a few tidbits of information? I have no idea, but since I am doing it for my son it is worth it.

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