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  • No More Last Minute?

    Yesterday, we went to the Jumper Classic, an equestrian event where horses jump over obstacles. We decided to go at the last minute. We woke up at 8:30 am, called the box office, and had found out that it would be best to reach the gates by 10:00 am to get good seats. First come, first serve. So, we got ready, ate breakfast, and made sure we packed lawn chairs, blankets, and extra clothes in case it gets cold. I have to say, we did this pretty quickly. However, we only had to worry about ourselves. This got me thinking, what will happen to our spontaneous nature when we have to take the kid? Will our days of simply jumping out of bed and rushing out of the house be put on hold for about 5+ years? Will we now have to be even more prepared? Making sure we have diapers, sunscreen, baby bottles, baby food, garbage bags, and a change of clothes for the little one. I have a feeling our days of being spontaneous are dwindling. We will soon need to know what our plans are at least a day in advance. And if we ever do have that urge to just hit the road, I will make sure we are prepared to be spontaneous.

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