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    The other day I decided to sit at the park and just enjoy the tranquility. No cell phone, internet, social media, etc. I needed a break from all the information that we obtain from technology. I enjoyed my peace even if it was only for 15 minutes. As I was sitting there, I was pondering whether or not my son will truly understand life without gadgets and social technology. No cell phone rings/texting every hour, no sharing pics with random people, no Facebook/Twitter updates, and etc. The answer is simply no, unless I decided to isolate him from society by living in the woods.

    I did this small personal exercise of just taking a break from my virtual friendships because I recently read an article about how families try to encourage their children to play outdoors or they have a no cell phone policy at the dinner table. I find this situation to be both silly and frightening. As a kid, all I wanted to do was play outside and hang out with friends. I loved that part of my life. The part that I find scary is that I know my son will not have the same experience that I had has a child. He will definitely think being without technology is weird. Hopefully, I can encourage him to simply enjoy the outdoors and playing with people as much as possible. I know I will one day have to set some rules about all this technology stuff. At the moment I don’t plan on having a strict no technology rule in my house because I think it will deprive him from the advantages of having technology. However, my goal will make sure he can have balance. I want him to embrace technology, but don’t let technology prevent him from achieving his goals. I want to make sure he works efficiently. He enjoys exercise, sports, working on a hobby, etc. Last, but not least, I want him to live life in the present and the enjoy the people he is with. For now, my only struggle with technology and my child is prying my phone from his mouth.

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