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  • Public Libary

    The other day I went to the public library, and registered for a library card. I figure I might as well take advantage of all the books and resources. As I entered the building the first thing I noticed was that they have a children’s section. This is wonderful and I am really excited about it. We now have free access to children books, and a place to take our son. The weird part about my discovery is that I don’t know why I never thought about the library having a section for kids and reading events. Perhaps I’m just so removed from the public library and all it offers. Unfortunately, when I think of reading, I associate it with a big box store, mom and pop shops, or the internet. So, this new place called the public library that I recently discovered even though I use to visit frequently all the time during my youth will be my son’s new stomping ground. Hopefully he will find books that interest him, and meet other little kids.

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