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  • I Like It Hot

    Our son loves his milk hot. When we give him cold milk or even luke warm milk, he refuses it and would rather starve. We have tried to get him out of this habit, but unfortunately we keep on failing. He is simply too smart for his own good. For example, we have slowly reduced the milk’s temperature over a short period of time, hoping he will adjust. However, his memory kicks in and realizes that what he tastes is not the same. He’s thinking, “Why am I drinking cold milk? Mommy and daddy know that I like it hot”.

    The amazing thing about this drinking milk process is that we realized our son has likes, dislikes, and preferences even though he is so young. Whenever we bring out the cold milk, he somehow knows that it’s not even warm. He just looks at the bottle and refuses to open his mouth. He even pushes the bottle away. We encourage him, but he’s not buying it. When we bring out the hot milk, he knows it’s the good stuff. He either feels the heat that his food is giving off or he somehow realizes that when we place the milk bottle in a cup of boiling water his milk is heating up. And while he is having the good stuff he drinks it like he will never drink it again. I guess he lives in the moment, and not in the future.

    By the way, my wife and I know that our son gets this behavior from me. I like my food hot, and so far he does too.

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