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  • Babbling

    Recently, our son started babbling. He does it all the time, and I have a strong feeling it will probably not stop. Right now he loves saying “haaaaa, haaaaa, haaaaa”. You may think he’s laughing, but he’s not. He’s really trying to say something. However, I have yet to figure out what “haaaaa, haaaaa, haaaaa” means. Since he is making an effort to communicate, I might as well try to understand what he’s saying. Also, whenever he does say “haaaaa, haaaaa, haaaaa”, he tends to be in a good mood, and tries to jump out of seat. Here’s a list of what “haaaaa, haaaaa, haaaaa” can potentially means:

    I love mommy!

    Daddy’s back!

    Wooohooo….come here food!

    I love me some fried chicken!

    I just ate, and I am ready to exhaust all my energy!

    Get ready to entertain me for the next 3 hours!


    Pick me up! I need a change of scenery.

    I love this toy!

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