Daddy's Pride

  • Live in the Moment

    Now that I am a dad, I can spot a baby, stroller, and any kid related thing from a distance. These are the skills I acquired once I found out my wife was pregnant. Recently, I have been seeing many newborn babies out and about with their parents. What I find fascinating is that these babies are so small, and I cannot believe my son was relatively the same size. Seeing these newborns makes me realize that time is flying bye so quickly and my son is growing at a rapid pace. I used to cradle him like a football in one hand with such ease. Now I need to use both arms, and all my strength to control the squiggly beast. Before he used to sleep on my chest peacefully. Now, he wants his own space. I hope I can continue to enjoy and live in the moment because I don’t want to miss anything that my son does.

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