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    For many families, going out for a sweet treat often means a trip to the ice cream shop, however my wife and I are cupcakes fans. We love finding the best cupcakes wherever we go, and we admit to being a little picky about our cupcakes. We hope to take our son out to different places so he can enjoy these sweet treat as well in the future. Since he is only 6 months old right now, he enjoys watching us eat these colorful and delectable desserts. Since red seems to be his favorite color and red velvet cupcakes are my wife’s favorite flavor, he stares at my wife with excitement when she eats them. Recently, we discovered an amazing little cup cake shop on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. It’s called Sweet Carolina’s Cupcakes. This small little shop has friendly service, and cupcakes ranging from flavors  Mocha Latte to Red Velvet. The butter cream frosting is to die for, and the cake is light and fluffy. For cupcake enthusiasts this place is definitely worth a visit. Check it out, and take your kids. Go to

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