Daddy's Pride

  • Rolling Over Part 3

    Before our son ever rolled over, we wished he rolled over. We watched him, and cheered him on. “Cmon!…you can do it!” Nowadays we see him do it all the time. My son loves to roll over, and I love watching him do it. It gives me great joy. The funny thing is that I kind of wish he knew when and where to roll over. I only say this because he now rolls over while we change him on the changing pad. We may start the changing process while he’s on his back, but he will end up on his tummy. He’s making it a little difficult for us to put on his diaper. I would have never predicted this issue. However, to have a positive outlook. I guess I should be careful for the things I want or wish for and just be happy in the moment. Who knows, our son might find a way to make changing his diaper even more challenging by jumping around.

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