Daddy's Pride

  • Eventful Night

    Have you ever stayed at a hotel, and your neighbors made so much noise that you had to shift rooms? Well, last weekend we were those people that made a lot of noise. Our son was crying so much because he was teething. That night his teeth popped out from his gums. He was in a great deal of pain. I felt bad for him. Actually, I felt bad for everyone; my son, wife, and neighbors. My son was uncomfortable, my wife was tired, and my neighbors paid good money to stay in a hotel room, but could not get any sleep. To help relieve the situation, I decided to take my son down to the lobby. Perhaps a little stroll would help him fall asleep or at least he would find some amusement in watching people. Right when we left our room, we ran into my neighbor who was shifting rooms. It was embarrassing. I was face to face with someone who did not look happy, and who was very tired. However, I am quite happy I ran into the person. I had the opportunity to apologize for the raucous we caused, even though my neighbor did not want to deal with me or even look at me. Once I got everything off my chest we were on our way. At the lobby, my son stayed calm, but gave me evil looks for about 1 hour. He was not in a good mood. I guess this is the life of a father. Enjoy the times when your child laughs, but enjoy trying to lift up his spirits.

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