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  • Road Trip

    This past weekend, I made my son travel in the car for 10+ hours round trip. In the beginning he was very happy to leave the house. He loves to ride around in the car, be outside, and it helps him sleep. However, by the end of our trip, my wife and I can tell that he was not a happy camper. Well, he made it completely clear he was not happy with the length of our trip. It might have been the combination of being bored (sitting in one place while staring at the back seat) and uncomfortable. At one point, my son was just staring at his mom without blinking, and giving her dirty looks. His pouting was making her feel extremely guilty. She tried to entertain him with a water bottle, a piece of paper, and an empty pizza box, but he found no amusement in these items. I can’t blame him. We think he was trying to tell her telepathically, that he was not having fun.

    Overall, our son did a wonderful job, and hopefully, when we go on 5-6 hour round trip car ride, it will be a piece of cake.

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