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  • Stripe Indicator

    Like most parents, we have opted to use disposal diapers for our baby, and I think you all know why we use them. Now, there are many types of diapers. But for the past 5+ months we have opted to use the diapers that have a stripe indicator which tells us that our son has just handled his business. I have to say, this indicator is great. We don’t have to undo his whole outfit just to see if he’s wet or not. Now that we are getting use to the whole diaper changing thing, we are now facing a minor inconvenience. Our baby boy is getting to a weight for which the stripe indicator is no longer available on the diaper. For some reason, it seems that the diaper manufacturers decided that parents do not need this indicator anymore to tell if the baby needs to be changed once they are more than 18 pounds. I guess we now have to rely on our sense of touch, smell, sight, and interpretation of our son’s look of discomfort. Bye bye stripe indicator.

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