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    For those that don’t know, I go to the gym and workout frequently. Lately, I have been feeling a little stronger than usual. I would like to believe that my time spent hitting the weights has finally paid off, but that is not the case. My son is responsible for all the additional strength. I have been carrying him in my arms for four months now, and his weight has increased about 8lbs. He’s like P90X! Forcing me to add weight just when I am about to get used to the current weight resistance. I carry him everywhere, and therefore, I have to use my right arm, left arm, or both arms. I get a solid workout in my biceps, triceps, and shoulders. My lower back has improved because of the bends needed to pick him up or to put him down. My beer belly is no longer looking like what it used too because of all the rocking motions that are involved when trying to get the little guy to sleep. So, who needs the gym to gain some muscle? Just have a baby!

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