Daddy's Pride

  • People Magnet

    Wherever we go, people are always staring at our son. I feel like we are with some famous person and we are part of his entourage…seriously. While we all go for a walk, people try to take a peak at our son when he’s in his stroller. Or when he is in our arms, people just smile at us. He tends to disarm people’s reservations about striking up a conversation in an elevator. My son is attracting all types of people. He seems to break the ice among stiff business people, grouchy elderly people, and women who are mothers, pregnant women , or women who wish to have a baby. At first we thought our son was cute just because he’s our son, however we just might have to rethink this. We hope that all these compliments about his good looks don’t go to his head. But he seems to know how to “ham it up” with strangers, smiling and cooing when they say hello.

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