Daddy's Pride

  • Son Is The Boss

    I finally decided that when my son and I are together I will use this time for bonding. I have tried to do work when I'm with him, or even watch television, but it never works out. He wants me to pay attention to him or he wants to play with my computer or remote control. Also, many times I try to put him to sleep, but he only takes cat naps. He sleeps for 30 minutes and he's refreshed.

    So, the other day I decided to get as much work done as I can before we went on our play date. I was planning to take him out to the nearby city and wander aimlessly. He will get out of the house and have a chance to look at buildings while I drink my coffee. I packed his diaper bag and made his food for our journey. Before stepping out of the house, I decided to just feed him. Give him a quick drink before I lock him up in his car seat. I fed him, and waited for him to digest. While he was sitting in his high chair, I did some last minute cleaning. I put away a few dishes, organized some household stuff, and etc. When I went back to him, my son was sleeping in his high chair. He was knocked out, and I was absolutely surprised. This was the first time he had ever slept in this position. He's usually trying to get out of his seat. I found my situation to be ironic. The day I plan to give him all of my attention is the day he says I can do my work. I guess we really know that my son is the boss, and I just have to adjust to his schedule.

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