Daddy's Pride

  • Sleep Anywhere And Anytime

    Yesterday my son and I watched the first game of the NBA finals. I was really excited, however my son thought it was pretty boring. He fell asleep in the middle of the first quarter. He must have been pooped out from all the playing around we did prior to tip-off. I was pretty happy that he fell asleep at a normal hour, but for some reason he has been falling asleep in the weirdest places as of late. As I wrote in yesterday's blog, he recently fell asleep in his high chair. Also, he fell asleep in my wife's arms which is not normal. He's always very excited to be with his mommy, and does not want to hit the sack when she's around. So, my temporary conclusion to all this sleeping in random places is that he finally needs his beauty sleep, and wants to sleep, or he's becoming more like his daddy to have the ability to sleep anywhere and anytime.

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